How to Remove Dry Spray Foam Insulation from Skin

Spray foam insulation has become more and more popular to homeowners that it is almost a necessity in every house maintenance. There are several advantages that foam insulation provides and these include lower energy bills, cooler house during hot weather, and warmer house during cold weather, more durable and mold-resistant walls and roof, more strengthened house structure. 


Before many people rely on professional services to install foam insulation. However, because of the Internet, more and more homeowners opt for DIYs. And even though there are still several trusted and proven companies like wall and attic insulation Richmond, homeowners rely on their YouTube-taught skills and knowledge in doing the task. There are potential problems to this though, as you will be dealing with substance and material that could be hazardous when used in a wrong way. This is why it is very important to hire only a professional who is skilled and materially equipped to do the tasks with efficiency and ensured safety.  




The material that is out into the wall is in liquid form that when applied, turns into a hard, solid matter. When you use it, there is always a possibility that you may get it on your hands. But fret not, here, we provide you with the different methods on how to remove it safely. 


Step 1 

Rub the affected areas with a pumice stone, which are hardened volcanic rocks that are usually used as a beauty regimen to remove dry skin form feet. In this way, you can effectively rub off the dried foam away from your hands. 


You can but them at the local home stores or beauty supply stores. You can ee check your wife or daughter if they have some. 


Step 2 

When you wash and there are still dried foam, cover the remaining foam insulation with petroleum jelly as it helps in removing the dried foam. There is a possibility that you will have some irritation because of the material. The petroleum jelly is also a good balm to ease the irritation and moisturize the skin parts. 


Step 3: 

Using a plastic wrap, wrap your hands tightly and make sure it is where the petroleum jelly is put. Another option is to use some latex gloves. Wear them for at least an hour.  


Step 4: 

After an hour of waiting, remove the latex gloves or the plastic wrap and use a piece of clean paper or cloth to wipe away the petroleum jelly you have put. 


Step 5: 

To wash away some residue of petroleum jelly and foam insulation, wash your hands in running water. Make sure that the water is warm. 



Here you are! Those are the five simple steps on how to remove a dry foam away from your skinOf course, in order to completely avoid experiencing convenience such as this, it is recommended that you seek a professional help and advice for spray foam insulation and do not heavily rely on your skills take from a five-minute YouTube video. 

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