Causes of Epilepsy in Dogs

Dogs are very similar to humans when it comes to emotions, behaviors and even DNA wise. Dogs and humans have very similar cases when it comes to diseases as well. Here are some of the things you need to know about epilepsy in dogs.

So, what are the causes of seizures when it comes to epilepsy in dogs?

There can be a number of causes when it comes to a cause of seizure in dogs and these causes can be prevented however, some causes include diseases and genetics. Here are some of the common cause of seizure in dogs.

1. Environment

A preventable cause of seizure in dogs is the environment he is in. If he is in an area that has substances that can cause harm in his health, then he should be placed in a place where those substances are not present. Avoiding areas which have substances that can be harmful to your pet can be the easiest way to prevent any diseases. Moreover, avoid placing your dog or your pet in areas where you have heavy equipment stored because this equipment may fall and injuries from this can cause seizures in your dogs.

2. Illness

There are health issues that also triggers seizures in your dogs. This can include illnesses such as liver problems, kidney problems, brain cancer, encephalitis, electrolyte issues and even anemia.

3. Genetics

Some dog breeds are more likely to have seizures compared to other breeds. If your dog is any of the breeds mentioned below, they are most likely to experience seizure more.

Belgian Tervuren


Golden Retriever


Labrador Retriever

Shetland Sheepdog


4. Gender

If you have a male dog, then there is a bigger chance of him having a seizure. Male dogs have more tendencies in having a seizure compared to female dogs.

5. Timing

When your dog already experienced a seizure, you need to observe the pattern on when it occurs. Taking this into mind helps you know when is the next seizure going to be.

These are very important things to remember however knowing the things to observe before a seizure and what to do when a seizure is on and after the episode is as important as well. Knowing the before is the most important in order to know that a seizure is to happen.

So, what are the things that are visible when a seizure is going to happen?

When your dog is going to have a seizure, it usually has visible manifestations. Some dogs are too silent and behaved and some do not have the power to control their bowels. So if your dog is experiencing this, make sure you pay attention.

If ever you have a dog that has epileptic tendencies or problems, you can also try incorporating CBD to his diet. CBD is in liquid form or through solid treats. CBD is very beneficial to dogs in various areas. This can be through inflammation, cancer, epilepsy or even his overall health. Incorporating CBD to his lifestyle keeps his health balanced. You may wonder ‘Is there a CBD near me?’. Don’t worry! Just check on for more details on CBDs!